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Get to know our team and founding purpose

Our team

We are a collective of traders with over 15 years of experience in trading diverse financial instruments including stocks, options, futures, bonds, among others. We do not align with the conventional school of long-term value investors; rather, we lean towards the speculative trading that is rooted in technical analysis. This brief introduction provides an overview of our trading philosophy, as well as what we believe our users can derive from our website.

Our ideas

  1. We do not concern ourselves with seeking so-called "value pits". Concurrently, we believe that individual traders should NOT model their trading style on Warren Buffett's. This is due to the fact that individual traders often lack the ability to deeply analyze a company's information and do not possess sufficient financial "depth" to weather the losses caused by short term stock price fluctuations.
  2. We abstain from engaging in high-frequency trading or overly short scalping trades. We do not deny their allure or theoretical foundation, but without the luxury of time to monitor the market around the clock, keeping pace with such trading rhythms becomes a daunting challenge.
  3. Our preference lies in following the school of technical analysis that comprises Price Action, Wave Theory, Chan Theory, Gann, Dow Theory, Fractal Theory, and Moving Average Systems. We endeavor to identify trading opportunities within a timeframe ranging from several days to several weeks, and at most three months.
  4. It must be noted that as the timeframe extends, trading opportunities do not present themselves daily. If you possess a certain level of programming capability and have designed your own trading system, then perhaps you may be able to employ computer systems to detect some trading opportunities. However, for the majority, a possible daily approach to uncover trading opportunities is through watching videos by vloggers.
  5. Emerging difficulties here are manifold: 1. How much time can you allocate daily to watch content by vloggers? 2. Do you have the means to analyze the reliability of a vlogger's past perspectives? 3. Are you equipped with multilingual skills to access information from other languages and regions? 4. Even with a video, can you guarantee your ability to focus for several dozen minutes and fully comprehend the trading opportunities provided?
  6. Our founding purpose is to address these issues and enable individual traders to effortlessly unearth potential trading opportunities from the massive, multilingual video content available. This is the original intention of our product.

Contact us

You can reach us with email: contact-us@pointsrecap.com